In Argentina there is a very young and talented music producer called BIZARRAP.

He is very famous for the BZRP Music Sessions, which are tracks in collaboration with international artists that Bizarrap produces in his studio, which also serves as a recording studio for the official video clip of the track.

In these sessions the artists have the freedom to express themselves in ways that perhaps the industry doesn’t allow them because they have an image to sell, or the freedom to deliver whatever they want.

For example, in the Music Session with Nicky Jam, the Puerto Rican artist sings rap in Spanish, English and reggaeton, all in the same song.

Inspired by this concept I decided to launch my CR Art Sessions format. The idea is to take previous works and reconvert them or give me the freedom to play with the algorithms and explore new options and parameters to reach their limits or to obtain something different but with the same essence.

The CR Art Sessions //1 is based on my first fx(hash) project called Geoetris.

For this project the same algorithm was slightly modified to produce 3 different types of art that the user will be able to visualize.

The first type is an extreme version of the Geoetris project, where the parameters were modified to have blend between the pieces and generate many more elements on screen. First type

The second is a composition of circles and squares, where there is a very simple rule that can only sometimes be broken and that is that the rectangles start in the middle of the circle. Second type

The third is a version where the larger geometric shapes are not filled and only their silhouette is marked. Third type

Also this collection doesn’t have features, I think this is a good way for people to collect items they like not based only on